[Please note that this listing is a PREORDER. It is expected that orders will ship out Late May ~ Early June. After preorder period closes, the zine will be available at a later time. Thank you for your understanding.]


[Early bird pricing, 5$ off book/zine bundle until April 1st!]


This is a 6" x 9" (close to A5) fanart zine featuring my KH artworks over the last 6 years. 

The zine features ~60 internal pages of full illustrations, merch drawings, short comics, and explanations of my drawing process. The book will be perfect bound and comes covered in a cut, transluscent vellum dust cover. Most of the illustrations in this book have been published online or sold at cons separately.


The Keychain is made of 2 layers of printed acrylic, approximately 1" x 3", held together with a mouse rivet that allows the two layers to rotate. The keychain will be limited, and only extra stock from the preorder will be sold at a later date.


Currently, there are no plans to release this zine digitally.


CW: Some (comical) swearing, light Soriku, not all KH characters are depicted.


[ZINE SET] - Includes the book & Keychain

[BOOK ONLY] - Includes only the book, no keychain

[KEYCHAIN ONLY] - Includes only the Keychain, no book


Please note that there may be minor design changes to the cover and shown internal pages, but will only be cosmetic.


Sales Tax Included