Spectrum is a series zines compiled of ink illustrations. The illustrations are accompanied by an informational page about the corresponsing ink with test writing and personal opinions, for a total of 11 different inks per zine. The zine is saddlestitched, 5.25 inches by 8 inches with 24 full-color, internal images. Vol.1 compiles ink illustrations made 2017 - 2018, including 8 original illustrations and 3 fanart illustrations.Vol. 2 compiles ink illustrations made 2018 - 2019, all of which are original illustrations.  The "Zine set" is the set of both Vol 1 and Vol 2. The "full set" includes both Vol 1 and 2 as well as an ink themed washi tape. The washi tape is 1.5cm wide and 10m long. 

Spectrum - ink illustration & catalog

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