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Due to Covid-19 related delays/missing packages and the change in tax for shipments to the UK, I am temporarily limiting shipping to USA and Canada. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and will make an effort to open up international shipping as soon as I can.


This is a time of uncertainty and worry for many people. Please note that neither me nor my husband have had symptoms of COVID-19, and we both work from home. Each item is wiped down as it is packaged.

In addition, shipping times have been delayed in most areas within the US and abroad, and I am unfortunately unable to help speed things up. While most domestic shipments still only take about a week or so, please keep in mind that your package may be delayed longer depending on your location. For international orders, it seems that orders are held at customs for extended durations of time. Please contact your government shipping services for updates once it has landed in your country.

Disclaimer about cats

I currently live with two long haired cats. I do my best to keep my products clean as possible, but if you are allergic to cats, please feel free to let me know, and I will do my best to further take care to make sure no cat allergens will make it on your package!


The shop is currently located in Oregon in the USA. Items will be shipped out once a week in batches, but sometimes more often depending on my schedule! US domestic shipments come with tracking. International shipments will have a customs number with limited tracking. Small prints and flat items (such as stickers) may be mailed in a regular / large envelope. These do not come with tracking and have a higher possibility of being damaged (i.e. bent) in transit, but are significantly lower cost. I do not have control over the handling of the shipping after it has left my shop; I cannot be held accountable for any damages or custom taxes incurred during shipping.

In an effort to be more eco-friendly, shipping goods used in my packages are often re-used (i.e. cut up cardboard boxes for backing boards). All packing peanuts are biodegradable, and are soluble in water and can be washed down the drain. Please recycle or reuse shipping goods.

Where are your art prints?

After moving to portland last year, I have not had a chance to find a good local printer that is willing to print fanart. Because of this, new prints are now available through Inprnt, at least for the time being, where the printing & order fulfillment is done by the Inprnt team. Older art prints available on this shop will only be until my current stock has been depleted.


If you have requests regarding the items, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to fulfill it! Services like extra bubble wrapping or gift wrapping is available as well; just leave a comment when checking out!

Coupon codes

These are the currently active public coupons! Free shipping deals are automatically applied at check out.

  • "PRINTS" - Buy 2 get 1 print free

To use, please put all 3 prints (2 you want to buy and 1 free one you'd like) in your cart. The discount will be applied once you enter the promo code with 3 + prints in the cart!

Price changes

Price changes, including sales, may happen without any prior notice. If an item you bought has decreased in price within two weeks (14 days) of you purchasing the item, please contact me through the site's contact form and I will give you a partial refund for the difference. 


Pre-order items are those which still have not finished being manufactured. It is a way for me to make accurate inventory stocks, while making sure any customer who is willing to purchase the item is able to do so. In addition, pre-order items often come with freebies that will be sold at separate cost or not be available at all once the pre-order period is over. These items will generally not be shipped immediately; please check each listing for an accurate ship date. If you order other items with the pre-order, please note that the package will not be sent until the pre-order is fulfilled.

Please do not use or redistribute my art without my permission. Thank you for your cooperation.

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